5. Donations are tax deductible. Woohoo!

4. Giving to charity may improve your sense of wellbeing – knowing that you sacrificed something such as time or money in order to help others can help give you a sense of purpose and inner satisfaction.

3. You can help strengthen communities – Because HERO has two local storefronts to benefit the Fargo-Moorhead, and surrounding areas and we send healthcare supplies internationally, your donated time or money helps contribute to local AND global communities.

2. Donating and volunteering with a charity may result in improvement in health (no joke!) – Studies have shown that donating makes people feel physically healthier, lower stress levels, and even help manage chronic health conditions.

1. Donating feels good! – Remember, having the hands of a HERO comes with perks. We had to mention it!


Theresa, HERO Client

Top 5 Reasons to Donate 

When we suspect something is medically amiss, it is in our human nature to go to the doctor and expect that he or she will detect the source of the problem, treat it, and life will resume as if nothing had happened. For Theresa, the luxury of a cure and return to normalcy was not an option.

Five years ago, Theresa started having severe pain caused by her bladder. It was later discovered her bladder was not normally function and never would be. She was left to adapt to the medical and financial burden of introducing catheters into her daily life.

In order to prevent unwanted leaking throughout the day, gauze because a necessity for Theresa and unfortunately, the cost of gauze pads adds up quickly when multiple pads are needed on a daily basis. In an attempt to cut costs, Theresa would occasionally resort to using toilet paper.

Although this was a cheaper method, it simply was not as effective. Toilet paper would get stuck in the tube, which would prevent proper drainage. Gauze truly was the best option for Theresa.

On a fixed income, she would either have to creatively budget her income or ask a nurse aid to help her. Theresa said admitting that the continuous cost of gauze being too expensive was embarrassing. Finally, a “medical and financial blessing” arrived when a former co-worker introduced her to HERO.

Before discovering HERO, Theresa was scared to changer her gauze pads more than once a day because of how expensive there were. Today, with access to a more affordable supply, she is finally able to feel comfortable using multiple gauze pads.

Her gratitude for the work HERO does for her and others like her is undeniable, and she is very proud to call herself a customer of HERO.

Heart of HERO

Hands of a HERO

Look at your own hands. What do they say about you? Do you have blisters to indicate passionate labor or is one of your fingers decorated a ring to tie you to another person? Maybe they’re just in need of some good moisturizer due to the cold, dry air.

Whatever your hands look like, they tell a story – your story.

We use our hands almost every minute of every day. Holding, patting, lifting, retrieving, scratching, soothing, feeding, or healing. We can use our hands to create or destroy, heal or harm, give or take.

The hands of HERO create, heal, and give. They create new opportunities for low-income individuals in need of medically necessary supplies, heal the financial burden or overpriced medical supplies, and give by donating time and/or money. They even save used healthcare equipment from landfills. Without the hands that help us, we would not be able to complete our mission of providing healthcare supplies to those in need.

So look at your hands and ask yourself how you want to use them. Because of your hands, you carry a story of your work with you through your entire life. It doesn’t matter what your hands look like, it matters what you do with them.