Georgia Dufault


Eddy Doxtader



HERO's supplies have reached every continent (except Antarctica) to help those in need. As soon as Antarctica is ready to accept supplies, HERO is ready for Antarctica. 


​​To collect and redistribute donated healthcare supplies to help those in need. 



There is no better way to describe HERO's Board of Directors. The HERO Board is a team defined by their unity of belief in HERO. 

HERO History Timeline

Annual Report

Peter LimVere (not pictured)
Jackie Milbrath

Allan Rostad (not pictured)

Tammy Lopez

Catherine Uglem-Pladson (not pictured)

Tally Tinjum (not pictured)

Anthony Malzahn (not pictured)

1996- HERO is founded by nurses from the local Association of Operating Room Nurses 

2000-  Becomes a 501(c)3 nonprofit

2003- HERO adds a local distribution purpose to the mission

2005- First full-time executive director is hired

2010- HERO moves to a larger facility, complete with warehouse and offices

2014- HERO celebrates the anniversary of the 10th Annual Bash

Diane Holden


Diane grew up in Page, ND. She loves riding her motorcycle and enjoys spending her summers taking road trips. Diane runs HERO's Ebay store and is the customers' first point of contact at our retail store. She enjoys the variety of her duties and loves meeting new customers and clients.

Eric Monson
Interim Executive


Chair: Brandi Rostad   
Vice Chair:
Ann Miller
Kristin Hauschild

(not pictured)
Terry Kraft

Peter Chamberlain

Bridget Ertelt


Eddy is a US Army veteran and has experience with computer programming, managing, and organizing. Eddy makes sure the warehouse is organized and is in charge of the waiting list. He's also helped launch our bar code system.


All viable excess medical supplies and equipment are handled in an environmentally safe manner promoting recycling through redistribution.

Eric serves as our Interim Executive Director as the search for a new HERO ED continues through the fall. Eric brings a wealth of experience and knowledge having worked in the health and human service industry for over 30 years as well as the non-profit sector for over 20 years. HERO welcomes the direction and experience from Eric as they transition to new leadership for their organization.

Georgia grew up on a farm near Napoleon, ND and went to hair design school in Sioux Falls, SD. Her job before HERO was property assessing for an area county. She always wanted to help others and joined HERO in 2006.

Bridget grew up in rural ND and earned her B.A. in vocal performance from VCSU in Valley City, ND. Her job before HERO was as a legal secretary. She is interested in community engagement and loves helping others. She joined the team at HERO in 2016.